I love designing with beads! It's so rewarding.

DatzKatz Designs - Hollering Hexagons

Thanks for visiting my shop. You will find tutorials for many of my design. Occasionally, I will sell some of my handmade jewelry. Visit me on Facebook to see more of my designs. https://www.facebook.com/DatzKatzDesigns/ To try some of my free designs please, visit John Bead Corp. https://www.johnbead.com/projects
Cheers, Debra

DatzKatz Designs original Spinnerz Earrings
Geometric Desk Ornament - Snub Disphenoid
Paired Elongated Triangle Earrings by DatzKatz Designs
DatzKatz Designs - My Kaleidocycle Bangle!
Mama Spider - entry in a Cellini Peyote Freaks contest



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